Chichi, to improve the accessibility and efficiency of Thunderbird with NVDA, Jaws and Linux

Last update : 12-26-2022 - Version 2.0 pour Thunderbird 102
Visit the change log (contains information not yet documented)

Versions : 2.0 pour Thunderbird 102 et ultérieurs ;
Auteur : Yannick (philaos)

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Chichi is not finished, so this page is provisional.

This documentation has been translated from French with Google Translate, errors are possible.

1. Presentation

Chichi is an add-on that installs directly on Thunderbird. It offers various features and commands that make it easier to use this email client with NVDA and Jaws screen readers for Windows as well as that of Linux.

2. Download and install

Proceed as indicated below:

2.1. Add-on for Jaws

In order for Chichi to make Jaws speak, it is necessary to copy a DLL into the Thunderbird installation folder.

Proceed as follows:

3. Set startup folder

When Thunderbird starts, Chichi can select the main tab and a folder in the tree that you have set as the startup folder.

To do this, select the folder you consult first in the morning then press the Applications key or Shift+f10;
In the contextual menu, go down then validate on "Startup folder" in order to check this item;
Restart Thunderbird to see the result;

Note: If you are using the Start With inbox module, it is best to disable it;

4. Chichi's commands

These commands are executed by pressing the following hotkeys:

5. Column arrangement

Proceed as follows:

  1. See also + Thunderbird+ extension for NVDA using Chichi

6. History of changes